The World Bank forecasts that the international economy will shrink by 5-8% estimating that well over 100 million people are at critical possibility of getting on poverty. Just like the COVID-19 health care worker is at the battlefield for the defense of human life, so the social entrepreneur (wirausaha sosial) is at the battlefield for the defense of socio-economic well-being. Therefore, they have their work cut out for them. The COVID-19 pandemic has actually exposed crucial defects in our social and financial systems, with especially ravaging consequences for the billions who are marginalized. Worldwide objectives to reduce poverty and curb climate modification have stalled or reversed in the face of COVID-19. Certainly, education disproportion and food insecurity are increasing due to the lack of resources and extensive school closures. As well as glaringly, medical care programs are being overwhelmed, wiping out the hard-fought gains in public health. To reach the social objective, it will be needed to bridge the gap between public and personal interests and organizations. This is where the social entrepreneur (kewirausahaan sosial) and the social enterprise sector can make an effect-- they have currently been active in this space for years, although their work is rarely recognized or supported. Social entrepreneurs such as in Indonesia act as an important social safety net for the systemic weak points, inequalities and market downfalls that are now evident. Through offering business present such as souvenir unik and merchandise kantor, they have actually repeatedly demonstrated that they have been able to adapt at speed and provide their awareness and properties where they are needed most. To accomplish the social objective, we will require more than just the actions of the those considered effective. The distance of social entrepreneurs (kewirausahaan sosial) to the needs of communities along with their unique ingenious power of social entrepreneurs, might simply be what we all require to obtain a shift-change in our capability to change our world and to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come. Through support and recognition of their crucial role, social entrepreneurs can be the solution to healing and the adoption of brand-new designs in education, workforce involvement, gender empowerment, broadened access to life-saving items, and digital livelihoods, supplying the socio-economic equality that our world needs. Duanyam has proved that boosting souvenir kantor with kewirausahaan sosial has a future in Indonesia. The time to get behind social entrepreneurs and let them perform their part is now.

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